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Tenant Signage, Directories & Building Access

Building Signage

Before move-in directional signage in the corridor of your floor with the name of your company, suite number and a directional arrow will be provided at no additional cost. Additional signage must be coordinated through the Building Management Office.

Only those signs that are approved by the Landlord may be displayed in public view.


A building directory is located in the main lobby of the building. Your company’s name, logo, suite and specified employees will be listed in the directory upon written request to the Building Management Office.

Building Access Cards

Access cards provide after-hours access to the building and elevator, also the Chase Tower connection on the Plaza Level. Complimentary access cards are provided before move-in. There will be a $12.00 non-refundable fee for each additional card thereafter. Requests for additional cards should be submitted through the Tenant Center (opens in new window).

Photos for access cards are taken in the main lobby at the security desk.

An additional suite security system may be installed at your own expense.

Note: Please remember to inform us promptly of any personnel changes or when a card becomes lost or is stolen; 20southclarkadmin@cushwake.com or (312) 726-0711.

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