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Service Requests

Maintenance Service

A full staff of Building Engineers are on site during normal business hours, Monday through Friday to guarantee speedy response to your maintenance inquiries and requests. Staff are equipped to handle varying degrees of electrical, lighting, plumbing, cooling, heating, door and lock issues.

Tenants are billed at established rates for engineering/maintenance services. These services are processed and billed according to the following:

  • A member of Engineering investigates a request
  • Materials are purchased for the completion of request
  • A member of Engineering staff or Janitorial staff complete a billable request

If further planning or other assistance is required, the Engineer will consult with the Building Management Office. Together, they will prepare a proposal for approval by the Tenant or Tenant’s authorized representative, and coordinate the completion of the work.

Tenants and authorized tenant representatives can submit requests for routine maintenance, track the status of previously submitted requests or communicate with the Building Management Office, Engineering staff & Security staff using the online Tenant Center (opens in new window).

To access the system:

  • Go to click here
  • Enter the username and password provided by the Office of the Building
  • Once logged in, click on the Electronic Service Request Form link

To submit a work order:

  • Confirm or complete all contact information
  • Choose the Service Type
  • If applicable, provide a Description
  • Review all information thoroughly
  • Select Submit Request

Please feel free to contact the Office of the Building should you have any questions: 20southclarkadmin@cushwake.com or (312) 726-0711.

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