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20 South Clark security officers are on duty twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The Building also employs electronic surveillance devices throughout certain common areas. Two-way radio communication between the Management Office, Security Console and building staff allow for quick response to any issue, ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment.

To contact our security staff, please call the Office of the Building (312) 726-0711 and request to speak with Security. Phone calls will be routed directly to the Security Console when the Office of the Building is closed.

While security officers, closed circuit cameras and the maintenance staff can provide basic protection for the Building, security is everyone’s responsibility and you cooperation and vigilance is essential.

Each tenant can be effective in preventing the loss of valuable personal and company property by careful observance of these common-sense procedures:

  • Be particularly observant of strangers in your area and if their identity cannot be readily established, please call the Property Management Office immediately. Our ability to take positive action may be wholly dependent on speedy notification. Quite often a question such as “May I help you locate someone?” will be enough to deter a potential thief. Suspicious encounters of this type should be reported to the Office of the Building immediately.
  • Establish and use, within the occupied premises, a secured area for packages, purses, salable and transportable property, etc. and particularly any form of a negotiable instrument or petty cash. We recommend a GSA approved fire safe. 
  • At the end of each working day, store small personal and company items of value, such as lap top computers, tablets, etc., in a locked desk, credenza, file cabinet or other secured location.
  • File cabinet drawers should be closed at the end of the working day and all file cabinets that are provided with locks should be secured nightly.
  • Be certain that all public corridor egress doors are locked at the conclusion of standard business hours on each business day and when your receptionist leaves the premises.
  • Enforce strict control of keys and access cards. Restrict office keys to those who actually need them. Keep complete, up-to-date records of the distribution of all office keys. Establish a rule that keys must never be left unguarded on desks and cabinets. Please notify the Management Office when any employees are terminated.
  • Promptly report the loss of property or any suspicious event to Security. Serial numbers of all valuable items should be recorded and retained in a file to aid police in recovering property in the event of a loss or theft.
  • Articles of value (handbags and coats) should not be left in open, unattended reception areas or on desks in offices at any time.
  • Never leave a vault or safe open while out of the office. Thoroughly spin the combination lock when closing a vault or safe. Do not leave a vault or safe combination in a desk. 
  • Special care should be taken during certain times best suited for pilferage, i.e., the first 30 minutes after opening, lunch hours and just before closing. These are the times of maximum movement of personnel and absence from work areas and offices.
  • Insist on identification from repair/servicemen who come to work in your office.
  • Clear all desks of important papers.
  • When working alone in the office after regular business hours, lock all doors to prevent anyone else from entering.
  • Keep the police, fire department and building security telephone numbers posted.
  • Double check to confirm that all doors all securely locked before you leave for the day.


We strive to provide a safe environment for our tenants and their employees and guests. For this reason, access to the Building is restricted.

Regular Business Hours

20 South Clark Street is open to tenants during the regular business Hours 0f 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The Building is considered “Open” during such times. No identification, sign-in or other procedures are required to enter the Building. Security officers are on duty in the building lobby.

Outside of these times, only tenant staff using building access cards, and visitors and vendors who with prior approval by tenants will be admitted to tenant areas.

After-Hours Building Entry

At all times other than regular business hours, tenants and visitors must comply with the sign-in/sign-out procedures requested by the security office on duty. Elevators, which lock down at 6:00 p.m. may be unlocked using your electronic access card to access your floor.

Tenants should send a written request to the Management Office for after-hours and non-business day’s access for temporary employees, contractors, telephone workers, etc. Access will not be granted without the written request being on file.

Vendor / Contractor Access

There may be special instances when vendors or contractors need to perform work in your suite during regular business or non-business hours. In such instances, please provide written notification to the Building Management Office at least (2) days advance notice and include the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Valid Certificate of Insurance
  • Date (s) the work will be performed
  • Time the contractor will arrive and depart
  • Description of work being done

Security will not admit your contractor into your suite without receiving prior noticed as outlined above.


20 South Clark's Loading Dock & Freight Elevators are available for deliveries on a first come, first served basis and may be subject to feight operator charges. It is located on Arcade Place which is accessible from LaSalle Street, between Madison Avenue & Monroe Avenue. All deliveries must be scheduled in advance with the Building Management Office through the Service Request System. Deliveries that are not scheduled in advance will be turned away.

All vendors delivering to or in the building must have a Certificate of Insurance on file with the Office of the Building that is compliant with the minimum insurance requirements. See Service Contractors Insurance Requirements (opens in new window) and Construction Contractors Insurance Requirements (opens in new window).

The Loading Dock & Freight Elevator's normal hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. Large deliveries requiring extended periods of time should be scheduled after normal business hours; before 8:00 AM or after 6:00 PM. After-hours use is available upon request with a minimum 3-day advance notice. Please note, after-hours use of the loading dock & freight elevators for deliveries will incur a service charge; the hourly labor rate billed in 15 minute increments. Weekend deliveries must also be scheduled in advance and require a 4-hour minimum reservation.

Please note, under no circumstances may passenger elevators be used to transport deliveries brought in on wheeled carts or that contain large packages and tools.

All vendors making deliveries in the building MUST be Union. If your delivery vendor is not a union contractor, packages will be intercepted and delivered by a building engineer. Under such circumstances, an additional service charge will be incurred; the hourly labor rate billed in 15 minute increments.

All deliveries should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Upon arrival at the dock, please contact Security at (312) 296-6478.
  • Deliveries and shipments cannot be stored on the dock and must be removed immediately.
  • Parking is not permitted on the dock at any time.

Loading Dock / Freight Car Dimensions

Loading Dock/Freight Car – 6'8.5" W x 7' D x 8' H
Door Opening – 6'6.5" W x 7’ H
Capacity – 5,000 Pounds

Building Freight Car Dimensions – 6'5" W x 5'8" D x 10' H
Door Opening – 3'8" W x 6'6.5" H
Capacity – 7,000 Pounds


To prevent unauthorized removal of material or equipment from the Building, one of the following procedures must be followed. These procedures are in force at all times, even during "regular business hours".

Property Removal Pass - The Property Removal Passes, must be completed by an authorized tenant representative, whose name is listed on the Tenant’s Property Removal Authorization Form (can we make this a link to the blank form), and be retained by the individual authorized to remove the material. Property passes are to be presented to the security officer in the lobby at the time the property is being removed from the Building. The officer will check the authorized signature before the property is allowed to leave the Building.

Verbal Approval - If an individual attempts to remove property from the Building without a Property Removal Pass, Security will attempt to contact the Tenant to obtain verbal approval to remove the item(s) from the Building. This occurrence and the outcome will be documented in the security report.

If property belonging to a tenant, employee or visitor is stolen, notify the Police Department and the Management Office immediately (after normal business hours, calls to the Building Management Office will be automatically forwarded to Security). A security officer will respond as quickly as possible to take an incident report and will assist the Police Department.


For the privacy of our tenants, solicitors and other persons not conducting business on-site are strictly prohibited in 20 South Clark Street.

You are strongly encouraged to report solicitors and other suspicious persons or activities to the Building Management Office immediately, (312) 726-0711. Please be prepared to provide the best possible physical description and where the solicitor/suspicious person(s) is, or where he/she may be going.

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