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Janitorial & Trash Removal

Janitorial Service

The cleaning of 20 South Clark Street is managed by ABM. Janitorial services such as vacuuming, mopping, trash removal, dusting, window cleaning, restroom cleaning, etc. are provided on a daily basis, after-hours.

Should a cleaning issue arise during regular business hours, please submit a service request via the: Tenant Center (opens in new window)

“Special” cleaning services outside of the contract cleaning specifications can be arranged at an additional cost. A sample of “special” cleaning services and costs are outline below:

Service Frequency Additional Cost
Monthly Carpet Cleaning Per sq. ft. $0.10 - $0.12
Refrigerator & Microwave Cleaning Per Occurrence $75.00
Refrigerator Cleaning Per Occurrence $60.00
Microwave Cleaning Per Occurrence $15.00
Dishwashing Per Occurrence $35.00
Dishwashing & Collection Per Occurrence $50.00
Shampoo Office Chair Per Occurrence $10.00
Shampoo Couch/Sofa Per Occurrence $25.00
Wash & Polish Per Occurrence TBD
Glass Conference Table Top Per Occurrence $110.00
Blinds Cleaning Per Occurrence $150.00

Other special cleaning services such as the disposal of large / oversized items, electronics recycling and other services are available upon request. Requests should be made via the Tenant Maintenance Center as noted above.

* Prices are subject to change.


  • Please DO NOT leave items that are not trash on top or near wastebaskets that might be misconstrued as garbage.
  • Please attach an orange “Please Throw Out” sticker to items for trash that do not fit into a wastebasket.

Trash Removal Program

Office trash is picked up from waste receptacles Monday through Friday. Items that do not fit in waste receptacles that you would like to be disposed of must be labeled with an orange “Please Throw Out” sticker.

If you expect a high volume of trash or you require a special waste pick-up, please contact the Building Management Office at 20southclarkadmin@cushwake.com or (312) 726-0711.

If you need to have trash removed from your suite during the building hours, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., please contact the Building Management Office.

No trash bags, boxes or other loose items designated for disposal should be left in the common area corridors.

Note: Building Management is not responsible for disposed items. Please take special care not to leave important papers or other items where they can be mistaken for trash.

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