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New Tenants

We want to extend a warm welcome to 20 South Clark Street! We are delighted to have you as a tenant and will do everything possible to make your tenancy enjoyable and rewarding.

Our primary goal is to build a strong relationship with each of our tenants through good communication and cooperation. We strive to provide the most prompt, courteous and efficient service possible. Our management and engineering staff are on-call 24 hours a day. And our Security Department is staffed around-the-clock to ensure any emergency handled appropriately and expeditiously. 

Below you will find pertinent move-in and tenant set up information. Please feel free to contact myself or Nicole Applegate, the General Manager, if you have any questions.

Moving Guidelines (opens in new window)
Please note that all moves and deliveries must be scheduled with the Office of the Building in advance. Movers must be insured according to building requirements and provide proof of union status. A list of union moving companies has been attached for your convenience. Insurance requirements are attached here as well.

The following forms are also attached hereto. Please complete all forms except for the Property Removal Pass and return them to me as soon as you can.

Access Cards
The building is accessible to tenants 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The building is unlocked and accessible to your guests between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday – Friday. Outside of these hours, your employees will require a building-issued access card to sign in and out, and to access the elevators.

Please indicate which employees should receive access cards on the attached Tenant Contact Form. Once we receive the completed Tenant Contact & Emergency Contact Form you and your staff may visit the security desk between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to have your photos taken. You will be notified when the access cards are ready for pick-up.

Please advise us as to the number of keys you will require for your space, including:

  • Master Keys
  • Front Door Keys
  • Individual Office Keys

Only an authorized employee can pick them up, signature required.

Building standard directional signage located in the elevator corridor is provided by the building for tenants sharing a multi-unit corridor. Please provide me with the exact wording you would like to have printed on your sign as soon as you can, lead times vary.

Please note that suite and front door signage may be coordinated with a company of your choosing, provided they maintain union status and are able to provide a certificate of insurance that is compliant with our minimum insurance requirements. Signage installation should be scheduled with our office. For your reference, below is a listing of our preferred sign vendors:

Jon Shultz
Image 360
Phone: (312) 758-6710
Email: jon@image360chicagoloop.com

Bengt Freemon
H.M. Witt & Co.
Office: (773) 250-5000
Email: bfreemon@hmwitt.com

Telephone & Data Service
Please contact IMG Technologies, our riser manager to assist with coordinating your cabling needs. The general contact number is (630) 737-9800. Our building technician is George Sagris and he can be reach via email or mobile: gsagris@img-connect.com, (312) 296-5040.

Below is a current list of service providers at 20 South Clark along with the contact info of our building representatives:

Keith Jackson
AT&T National Business
M: (773) 490-7018 | KJ7841@att.com

Christine Miller
Comcast Business
Senior Business Account Executive
T: (773) 451-6927 | M: (312) 953-6225 | Christine_miller3@comcast.com

Rudy Zaragoza
National Account Manager
Cogent Communications | www.cogentco.com (opens in new window)
Office: (510) 281-5968
Mobile: (510) 335-9719
Email: rzaragoza@cogentco.com

Insurance Protection
All construction contractors (opens in new window) and service contractors (opens in new window) are required to be licensed to work in the State of Illinois and must provide a Certificate of Insurance that is compliant with the building’s minimum insurance requirements before work can start. The minimum insurance requirements for Construction Contractors and Service Contractors are attached.

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