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Bicycle Parking Facility

More and more people are choosing to bike to work instead of driving or using public transportation and there is little wonder why they do. Biking to work is not only enjoyable, but is a convenient and practical way to incorporate regular exercise into your busy day. Riding not only boosts your physical condition and stress levels, but can also save you money that would otherwise be spent on fuel and parking fees and can significantly reduce your company’s impact on the environment. To support these initiatives, we are pleased to provide a secure bicycle parking facility.

Bicycle parking is available at no charge and is offered on a first come, first served basis. Bicycle owners must register with building management by completing a Bicycle Storage Agreement.

Click Here to download the Bicycle Storage Agreement. Once completed, it can be submitted to the Building Management Office in-person in Suite 1075 or via email: 20southclarkadmin@cushwake.com

The Bicycle Parking Facility is accessible from the rear of the building with your building access card. Bicycles are not allowed anywhere else in the building. Bicyclists must provide their own cables and locking mechanisms. 20 South Clark cannot be held responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.

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